Celebrating our Employee Campaign Coordinators

Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC) are the driving force at the heart of our corporate campaigns. They work in collaboration with our Investor Relations Managers (IR Managers) to run campaigns that generate a significant portion of our funding.

ECCs have three main responsibilities: educating, asking and collecting, and reporting.

They tell their co-workers about the impact United Way of Racine County makes in our community, laying the foundation for why individuals want to give. Resources are provided, and our IR Managers assist with presentations for employees.

Once employees know about United Way, ECCs ask them for donations and facilitate that process. Our IR Managers help them determine and implement the best strategy for their company. Paper and online forms are used to collect employee pledges.

During this time, ECCs often share incentives and plan fun activities to strengthen their campaigns. Some examples include: cookouts/luncheons, silent auctions, trivia nights/game shows, 50/50 raffles, car shows, selling items and more! Another effective strategy is receiving an endorsement from leadership.

When donations are turned in, ECCs are responsible for processing everything. This includes turning in their campaign envelope to our IR Managers and turning over pledge information to their payroll department.

All of  this requires a lot of time and dedication. We are grateful to the approximately 100 ECCs who ran 69 campaigns this season. Their unwavering dedication allows us to extend our services to over 76,000 Racine County residents annually. We're profoundly grateful for their invaluable contributions!

Hear from an ECC!