Annual Reports

Each year, United Way publishes an annual report to share its progress and its impact or the community. You can view the 2022 annual report PDF now:

annual report

Past Annual Reports

The graphic that shows the header image for the 2021 Annual ReportThe text "2020 Annual Report United Way of Racine County" is on top of a dark blue box with faint text in the background that says "United we fight. United We win." Underneath is part of the United Way logo and a faint diagram of a beating heart, a few dollar bills, and a book.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION. A blue gradient box with white lines floating shapes in different shades of blue. In front, a white frame surrounds text that reads "2019 annual report." END IMAGE DESCRIPTION.

Blue circle that says "2017 annual report."

2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report

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