Commemorating 10 years of Schools of Hope's impact in Racine County

Schools of Hope has been improving Racine County students’ literacy for over a decade. The program recently reached the end of the first semester of the 2022-23 school year. During this time, 55 tutors provided services that benefitted 42 students. The positive outcomes seen this year have been tremendous.

Schools of Hope tutor Tricia recounted the growth she has seen from her student. “I see the difference that this work makes every week. I can see how the strategies we are taught help the children to improve their reading abilities,” she said.

Students have also expressed their enjoyment in participating. A third-grade student said that her favorite part of the experience was “getting to know words that she hasn’t heard before.”

Both tutors and their students are excited to continue working together for the remainder of the school year.



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