Imagination Library Registration

Eligibility screening

United Way of Racine County's Imagination Library program provides books to Racine County children under age 5. After registering a child, the first book takes approximately 90 days to arrive. If the child will turn 5 within the next 90 days, it is unlikely that they will receive a book due to processing and shipping times. Please answer the following eligibility questions to begin the Imagination Library registration process.

Not eligible

Based on your responses to the above question(s), this child is not eligible for Imagination Library. Thank you for your interest.

Parent/Guardian Survey
Bright by Text Registration
Bright by Text is a FREE program in Racine for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, and caregivers with children up 8-years-old. After you join, Bright by Text will send you relevant tips about your child’s development, info about local events, and fun activities to try!

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