Request a Sponsorship

One-time sponsorships for events/projects that align with UWRC’s mission and support UWRC partners are available to local nonprofits. Requests to support events will be considered; requests to support direct fundraising including, but not limited to, auction and online giving platforms will not be considered.

Funding is awarded up to $500; there is no minimum amount. Sponsorships are available until funds are depleted. No one agency shall receive more than one sponsorship per year.

Applications must be submitted online via the form below.  Reply to submission confirmation email with the 501(c)3 attached.

Requests are accepted on an ongoing basis and are reviewed within 10 business days of submission. Sponsorships are approved by the president and CEO. Following review of the sponsorship request, applicants are notified about the status of their request via email. Sponsorship recipients must acknowledge United Way of Racine County as a sponsor.

Please note: This request must be completed in one sitting. Progress cannot be saved. If you navigate away from the page, your information will be lost. You will receive a auto-generated confirmation email immediately following the submission of your request.

Eligibility screening
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Sponsorship Request
Organization address
Organization executive director/president/CEO
Board president/board chair
Primary contact for this request
Sponsorship Project Request
Has United Way of Racine County sponsored this event/project within the last two years?
Is United Way of Racine County the sole sponsor of this event/project?
What are the benefits to United Way of Racine County at the sponsorship amount requested?
Upload requirements
I agree to the funding terms listed.
  • I am authorized to submit this request on behalf of my organization.
  • The information provided is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. 
  • If my organization is currently funded by UWRC via any other fund, I certify that my organization is in compliance with all policies and procedures at the time of submitting this request. This includes, but is not limited to, governance documents and demographic/impact reports.
Please immediately respond to the confirmation email to submit your organization's proof of IRS determination of 501(c)3 status (required) and any supplementary documents related to sponsorship benefits and/or event/project details (optional). Failure to do so within two business days will result in the disqualification of your request.